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The Bilingual International School of Paris offers bilingual classes starting in Nursery and continuing through to our Middle School program.

At BISP, neither French or English is deemed a foreign or second language; instead both languages are considered to be primary languages of instruction and communication. Students spend half of their day in English language instruction delivered by English mother tongue teachers and the other half of their day in French language instruction delivered by French mother tongue teachers.
In our immersive environment learning English and French becomes intuitive. Not only do our children become bilingual, they also benefit from a multicultural student body with their friends and classmates coming from different countries from around the world. A high quality academic approach is combined with fun and creative learning opportunities and children’s creativity is constantly stimulated to support a child’s developing imagination and self-confidence. Children do not have to already speak French and/or English prior to enrolling at BISP. Our balanced and immersive approach allows children to quickly and easily assimilate the two languages.

Our Bilingual Preschool

Your child has the opportunity to embark on a bilingual educational experience and become a member of an international learning community as early as age three! If you are interested in our Bilingual Preschool, please submit an enrollment request.

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Two girls are smiling at the private bilingual international school of Paris

Our Bilingual Primary School

If you would like for your child to continue on their bilingual adventure after our Preschool program, or you are looking to integrate the Bilingual Primary Program at BISP, please submit an enrollment application.

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Our Bilingual Middle School

The Bilingual Middle School at BISP offers an international curriculum while continuing to deliver a fully bilingual program taught by native mother tongue French- and English-speaking teachers.

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